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Birthday Verses for cards 1

A cheery "Hello" on your Birthday
And wishes for everything bright
To keep you completely contented
And Happy from morning till night!
Happy Birthday.

Birthday Verses for cards 2

Raising a glass
And making a toast
Wishing joy and health to you,
And hoping that
Your Birthday
Will be happy
All day through.
Happy Birthday!

Birthday Verses for cards 3

There are many wishes
That could be sent to you,
But this one, though simple,
Brings loving wishes, too!

Birthday Verses for cards 4

A very Happy Birthday
Wished specially for you,
To bring you special luck
In all you plan to do,
And hoping that you have
A really extra-special day,
One that makes you happy
In every possible way

Birthday Verses for cards 5

Extra special wishes
For an extra special day,
May you have much
Happiness in every
Single way

Birthday Verses for cards 6

From morning till night
May your birthday be bright
And nicer than ever before
And as years come and go
May your happiness grow
And your dreams be fulfilled
Even more

Happy Birthday to you!

Birthday Verses for cards 7

I extend to you this Birthday wish,
and hope your day is fine,
I remembered you, on your Birthday,
so I hope you remember mine,
So accept this poem, from me to you,
with everything it’s for,
Have the happiest of Birthdays today,
and I wish you many more.
Ronny White.

Birthday Verses for cards 8

Your birthday's just a reminder
Of how much I love you
Another year older and wiser
And more beautiful too

As you age so gracefully
It seems that time stands still
With each day seeing your beautiful smile
Gives me such a thrill

Birthday Verses for cards 9

On your birthday every year
I thank the Lord you were born
For without you in my life
My love would be forlorn

As each year brings new tests
I know how glad I feel
That you're with me every day
Making my life more real

Birthday Verses for cards 10

As Birthdays come and Birthdays go
this card is sent to let you know.
One year's over another's begun
here's hoping you'll have lots of fun.

Happy Birthday

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