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Special Birthday

Your Birthday is a special day
that stands out from the rest,
Because it's such an ideal time
to tell you you're the best,
And on this day that's all your own
it's nice to tell you too,
How wonderful it is to have
Someone as special as you

Wishing you a very
Happy Birthday

Birthday Wishes

This card is filled with wishes
for a very special day,
One that brings a world of joy
and happiness your way-
It's also filled with loving thoughts
especially meant for you,
For you're the kind of person
happy things should happen to!
Happy Birthday

Especially for you on your Birthday

This card brings special greetings
and best wishes your way
because you're very special
and deserve a lovely day

Birthday Moments

May your birthday
be full of special moments
you'll always remember
shared with those
who mean themost to you.

Have a Wonderful Birthday

Birthday Verse

Birthdays come around each year,
Whether we like it or not.
I just want to let you know
That you are loved a lot.

I love the little things you do,
As we go through each day.
I really don't know what I'd do
If you ever went away.

This Happy Birthday greeting
Comes right from the heart.
You know I'll always love you,
And we will never ever part.

Birthday Wish

Because today's so special
it really wouldn't do,
to send one simple birthday wish
to last the whole year through…
So this wishes happy moments,
a day when dreams come true,
and a year that's filled with all the things
that mean the most to you.

Wishing you a pleasant day,
filled with happy hours
and special moments.

Happy Birthday

The wine corks will be popping,
for it's bound to be a day,
full of relaxation, fun and laughter
Good times all the way!

Happy Birthday

Your Birthday is a special day
That I have set apart
From all other days, because
It’s closest to my heart!
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, (brother, sister, mother, father etc)
And throughout the year
May its joy and pleasure
Give you special cheer;
There are many wishes
that could be sent to you,
But this one, though simple,
brings loving greetings, too.

Happy Birthday to a friend
Who deserves the very best
Of all the special things in life
That make it happiest!
Have a Wonderful Birthday!

To wish you every happy thing
That makes a Birthday glad,
So that you’ll feel, with all your heart,
It’s been the best you’ve had!

This greeting brings my love
To wish you Birthday Cheer,
And greater, truer hapiness
Increasing year by year!

To wish you a Birthday
That's happy and Bright,
Just full of enjoyment
From morning till night,
That each passing hour
Will help in some way
To make it a very wonderful day.

Hope lovely surprises
Are coming your way,
To make your
Birthday a
Wonderful day.

Happy Birthday

You're always very special
And you should know today
That you are wished the nicest things
That life can bring your way

Like warm and loving wishes
And happiness and cheer
And everything you need to start
Another happy year.

Making a wish especially for you
And hoping sincerely it
really comes true;
Have a wonderful
Birthday and after it's done
May the year that's ahead
be a wonderful one!

No Birthday card,
Holds more love than this
'Cause it's mailed with a Hug
And it's sealed with a Kiss!

Happy Birthday
You are very special
And you deserve the best
I wish you a wonderful life
Filled with love and happiness


A cheery "Hello" on your Birthday
And wishes for everything bright
To keep you completely contented
And Happy from morning till night!
Happy Birthday.

Raising a glass
And making a toast
Wishing joy and health to you,
And hoping that
Your Birthday
Will be happy
All day through.
Happy Birthday!

There are many wishes
That could be sent to you,
But this one, though simple,
Brings loving wishes, too!

A very Happy Birthday
Wished specially for you,
To bring you special luck
In all you plan to do,
And hoping that you have
A really extra-special day,
One that makes you happy
In every possible way

Extra special wishes
For an extra special day,
May you have much
Happiness in every
Single way

From morning till night
May your birthday be bright
And nicer than ever before
And as years come and go
May your happiness grow
And your dreams be fulfilled
Even more

Happy Birthday to you!

I extend to you this Birthday wish,
and hope your day is fine,
I remembered you, on your Birthday,
so I hope you remember mine,
So accept this poem, from me to you,
with everything it’s for,
Have the happiest of Birthdays today,
and I wish you many more.
Ronny White.

Your birthday's just a reminder
Of how much I love you
Another year older and wiser
And more beautiful too

As you age so gracefully
It seems that time stands still
With each day seeing your beautiful smile
Gives me such a thrill

On your birthday every year
I thank the Lord you were born
For without you in my life
My love would be forlorn

As each year brings new tests
I know how glad I feel
That you're with me every day
Making my life more real

As Birthdays come and Birthdays go
this card is sent to let you know.
One year's over another's begun
here's hoping you'll have lots of fun.

Happy Birthday

Raising a glass
And making a toast
Wishing joy and health to you'
And hoping that your Birthday
Will be happy all day through.

Happy 18th Birthday!

For your 18th Birthday
How does a brand new Porsche sound?


You've reached your 18th Birthday
And now it's time to think
Of plucking up your courage
And tasting your first drink
It might seem quite unpleasant
And rather strange at first
But soon you'll find that drinking
Has nowt to do with thirst
And when you've made the breakthrough
you'll probably discover
The side effects are wonderful
And you will want another
So get your bevvy ordered
It's glasses raised and "Cheers"
And now, at last, you can admit
You've been doing it For Years!!
by Oswald

Just saying congratulations
And the best of wishes, too,
For no one else in all the world
Deserves it more than you
Happy 18th Birthday

Congratulations and Happy Birthday
Whatever you may choose to do,
Hope your 18th Birthday is happy for you!

Dear Brother
It's more than "Hapy Birthday"
This message wishes you –
It brings a wish for pleasure
For now and always, too,
And for good health and fortune,
Good friends to keep you glad,
And make each year before you
The best you've ever had!

May you find lots of pleasure
In the joys your Birthday brings
And contentment in a future
Overflowing with good things.

Here's hoping that your Birthday
Will be lovely, all day through
One that will bring new pleasures
And the things you like to do
And every happiness wished for you
Is such a special kind
Because you well deserve the best
It's possible to find!
Happy Birthday Borther.

To a very dear BROTHER
These greetings are sent
And the wishes they bring
Are each lovingly meant,
For good luck and pleasure
In all that you do
And more Birthday gladness
Than you ever knew.

With a wish that your birthday
Is realy "first-rate"
And the year that's ahead
Will turn out to be great.

To wish a Happy Birthday
To someone good as gold!
A day that’s simply full of fun
Now you are ONE year old!

A little bird sat in a tree
And whispered something nice to me,
I said i’d pass it on to you
With all my love and Kisses too
Happy 1st Birthday!

May all the best in life, my son
Enrich your future way,
Adventure and good fortune, too,
Bring joy to you each day.
Happy 1st Birthday!

This Cheery Birthday Greeting
Brings a wish to say,
Have lots of special fun and games
Each minute of the day!

Sending you a jolly wish
With greetings fond and true,
For a bright and Happy Birthday
A lovely day all through!

This is your first Birthday
A very special one
A nice kind of day
For treats and lots of fun.
From the time you get up
Till you go Nighty night
Hope your first Birthday
Is a special delight.

Because today's your 1st Birthday
And you're so special too,
Everything that's happy,
Is being wished for you.

Not Just another Birthday,
But quite a grand event,
And here, to greet you, Twenty-One,
These wishes are now sent..

May happiness go with you,
May all your hopes come true,
And in the most delightful ways
May life be good to you!
Happy 21st!!

Very best wishes
on your 21st Birthday
May the future brinf you success
and Happiness!

A Twenty First Birthday!
A special one, too!
Because the good wishes
Are coming to YOU!
Good luck, happy future,
With joys in their prime
To keep life attractive
And bright all the time.

Here's hoping that your Twenty First
Brings all you're hoping for
So that you will feel so happy
You just couldn't wish for more!

Today you will be TWENTY ONE,
Sincere Congratulations
May happiness, good friends and fun
Make up your celebrations;
And may the very best of luck
Be yours in all you do,
In a year of joy and gladness
With hopes and dreams come true!

So now you're Twenty One years old
And here's a line to say
How many happy joys are wished
For you upon this day
And just another word or so
About the future too
And may it prove in every way
Quite wonderful for you!

Here's hoping that your Twenty First
Brings every happiness
Together with the promise
Of good fortune and success!

Your 21st BIRTHDAY!
Your coming of age!
In life's golden book
An exciting new Page.
Such wonderous joys
May it bring into view –
The best life can hold,
May they all be for YOU.

You're 21, and now it's time
To wish you lots of things,
So firstly there's the happiness
A Birthday always brings,
Then naturally there's lots of luck
And deep contentment, too,
And lastly all the joy you'll know
As well-laid plans come true!

Just a simple greeting
To wish for you to-day
The best of luck in everything-
A happy future way
When all you're planning will succeed
And all you hope to do
Will be achieved completely
In record time for you.
Happy 21st Birthday!

At Telly Tubby house there is such fun,
Now that your Birthday has begun,
And wishes wing their way to you,
With love to make them all come true,
Be happy and glad my sweet,
The age of Two will be a treat!
Happy 2nd Birthday!

A big steam train with lots of toys!
A teddy bear! A big red drum!
All wishing you best birthday joys!
And lots of Love from dad and mum

Toy Town bus has stopped for you!
“One more seat inside”
Birthday Wishes! Greetings Too!
Come and join the ride.
Happy 2nd Birthday!

This little card I send you
To wish you lots of fun.
A Birthday bringing laughter
A really jolly one,
Full of pleasures grand and gay
Because you’re Two Years old Today.

For a very special Grandson on your 30th Birthday.

Growing nicer year by year
is just what grandsons do,
And no one does it better
or is loved as much as you.
And so with pride and lots of love
birthday wishes are on their way,
For all that makes you happy
on this your very special 30th Birthday
With Love….

30 Today

Calm down, no need to panic
Being 30's not too bad
It's not as if you're ancient
So it shouldn't drive you mad.

In many ways you're actually
Considered in your prime
So if you want to live it up
Well now's a damn good time

So celebrate your 30th
Whoop it up and do the conga
You can party all night long..
…But maybe not
for too much lomger!!

Happy 30th Birthday

May you have a 30th Birthday
that's really really great..
..because it is your special day
and time to celebrate

Congratulations on your 30th Birthday
Have a fantastic day

Today's a very special day
A wonderful occasion
you are turning thirty
So let's have a celebration

Happy 30th Birthday

Son, you're one in a million!
Son, just had to let you know
how really great you are
there's never been a better time
to tel you, you're a star!

And there's nothing more important
now this special day is here
than to wish you happy 30th Birthday
hope you have a brilliant year!

Happy 30th Birthday!!

You may have reach 40
But you're certainly not over the Hill yet.

When you're 40 – you can't do the impossible
but you can still have fun trying.
Happy 40th Birthday

I though of getting you something really expensive
exciting and fun for your 40th Birthday.
But then I thought…No need you've already

I'd like to prepare your FAVOURITE SUPPER
for your 40th Birthday..but how do you cook a

Bet you can accept being forty with a casual shrug of the shoulders
Followed by Hysterical Screams and Uncontrollable Sobbing!!

Sick and Tired of all the sarcastic Mindless Cards
You've been getting that joke about you're 40th Birthday
Frankly that's not surprising!
The sense of HUMOR is the first thing TO GO!

I wanted to write a Poem about you on your 40th Birthday..
But nothing rhymes with ANCIENT!

Know the good thing about being 40?
I was hoping one of us would know!

Cheer up..Your sex lif isn't over yet..
You can still manage the heavy breathing!

Don't worry about getting OLD
Lots of people make mad passionate love at over 40
But it's less dangerous if you stop the car first!

40 Today!!
Keep smiling on your Birthday
It makes everyone wonder what you're up to!
Happy 40th Birthday

There is nothing special about this 40th Birthday Card
Only the person receiving it.

40 today and you look really fit and trim..
Why, even your hair looks thinner!

Just pushed forty ish
but keep feeling sixteen

A Poem from a Parent to their 40 year old son!
Sons can be slouchy
Sons can be sweet
Sons can be grouchy
Sons can be neat
Sons can be broke
Sons can be well-to-do
But no Son could ever be LOVED more than YOU

You're 40!
At last someone to set an example of…
Maturity and Refinement…
Good Taste…
Dignity and Style…
The Pub Crawl and Strip-o-gram have been arranged!

Happy Birthday – Now you're 40
Welcome to the Middle Ages

Depressed about another birthday?
Look on the bright side-
Today you're younger than you'll ever be again

This card has arrived late
But I wanted to help you celebrate
I hope it was a special day.
With many happy moments spent along the way
Happy Belated Birthday
-Diane Lindsay

I had this card all ready to send
I must be going round the bend!
To post it off, I clean forgot
So did you get it? did not!.
Well here it is, a day too late
Please forgive me, sorry mate!
-Marjie (Bunnikins): c 2006

I hear you're celebrating a belated birthday ..
bet all the other fools sent them on time!
Happy Belated Birthday

These birthday wishes may be
Just a tad, a smidgin' late
But you're always wished much happiness
No matter what the date

Your birthday came, your birthday went
Here's the card I should have sent!

Did you know that in Cambodia they celebrate a birthmonth? I've decided to take up the tradition which means I'm right on time! Sooooo Happy Birthmonth!

Late card. I lose 10 points. The fact that I bought it 3 months in advance. 1 point back. I'm only 9 points down!

I had a forgetful spell recently that lasted from the day of your birthday until today. It only affected my ability to remember important occaisons, like your special day! First: The regrets. Second: The biggest wish of all for a wonderful year to you!

Every Birthday joy be yours
Fortune, Health and Wealth,
I wish you everything that’s good
That you could wish yourself.
And may your LUCKYSTAR above
Shine brightly down to bless
All your cherished dreams today
And crown then with success.

To wish you every happy thing
That makes a Birthday glad.
So that you’ll feel,
with all your heart,
It’s been the best you’ve had!
Happy Birthday

Lots of love and kisses
Lots of presents too
For somebody who is FIVE today
And, darling, that is you
Happy Birthday.

When Simple Simon sees the Fair,
All he can do is stand and stare!
“Oh what a lovely sight!” cries he,
The pieman answers: “I agree,
But dont forget we’re on our way

Each birthday wish
I've ever made
Really does come true
Each year I wish
I'll grow some more
And every year

A Birthday greeting for a Son
Who's dear as dear can be,
With happy wishes that are sent
In all sincerity –
May you spend such a perfect day
Its memory always stays
To make your life more wonderful
Throughout your future days!

Dear Son,
Here's wishing you to-day
A Birthday full of cheer,
With happiness and joy to last
Throughout the coming year!

May all the best in life my Son,
Enrich your future way,
Adventure and good fortune, too,
Bring joy to you each day.

Anyone can have Birthdays
But someone who's nice as you
Deserves the very happiest things
And favourite pleasures, too
That's why I wish you just the kind
Of wonderful day that's in my mind.
Happy Birthday Son.

I'd Like to be the very first
To greet you in this way,
To send you countless wishes
On this most important day,
A day of overwhelming joy
In everything you do,
For you deserve the nicest things
The world could offer you.

To wish you every happy thing
Thats makes a Birthday glad,
So that you'll feel with all your heart,
It's been the best you've had!

To a very special Friend on your Birthday!

This message comes with lots of Love
and special wishes too
for there aren't many people
who mean as much as you.

A message to a friend on your Birthday

Hoping that your Birthday
is a very happy day
And that the year ahead will bring
much happiness your way

To a Special Friend with Birthday Wishes

You have been the greatest friend
in good times and in bad
laughed with me in happy times
and cared when I've been sad
And now that it's your Birthday
I'd really like to share
how very much it means to me
to know you're always there.

And hopefully these heartfelt words
will help to make you see
if ever you need anything
you can count on me

You've been the greatest friend to me
and I am here for you
Forever hoping that the best
is part of all you do.

It's something special
just to have
A special friend like you

And everything special
is what you're wished
today and
All year through

Warm Wishes to you…..My Friend.

To a Special Friend
Hope your Birthday is full
of wonderful surprises!

Kick off your shoes,
Take a break
Crank the tunes
Dance & Shake
Light the candles,
Cut the cake
Make it a day, that’s simply Great!!!
Happy Birthday

On your birthday, special one,
I wish that all your dreams come true.
May your day be filled with joy,
Wonderful gifts and goodies, too.

This Happy Birthday wish
Comes right from the heart.
You know I’ll always love you,
And we will never ever part.

On your birthday, I wish u much pleasure and joy
I hope all of your wishes come true.
May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
And your birthday be perfect for you!

In soft gleaming night of stars
May all your dreams come true
May every star of every night
Bring love and joy to you
Happy birthday day to you!

I hope you feel deep in your heart
As your birthdays come & go
How very much you mean to me
More than you can know.