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Recently , as a nation We have once again rekindled Our Pride. I feel this will and must happen with Our being the host country for Olympic 2012 , With this in mind, I have composed this poem/anthem and hope you enjoy it and may even share it. Regards, Aidan Caine

Never Will The Tourch Shine So Bright (c) Aidan Caine 2011

With hearts a  racing in our chest's.
Be certain we will do our best.
It's pride that fires up our nation.
So be certain when the games begin,
Great Britain will be sure to win…
Never will the torch shine so bright.

We've strength and grit to conquer all
and never will we stand so tall.
A nation gathers up so hear us roar!
We'll show the World We are the best,
be sure to rise up to the test
Never will  the torch shine so bright.

Shine on so strong Olympic Flame
and burn so bright so every name
will be lit by your burnning flame, 
forever, For never will we shine so bright
and always will recall your light

that brought us pride that lasts … Forever.