Royal Wedding Poems

Royal Wedding Poems to celebrate the Engagement and Marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29th 2011.
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'I'll Be Your…Knight in Shining Armour'
by Aidan Caine (c) 2011.

There will be moments when you will feel afraid
and days of lightning and thunder.
There will be times when love doesn't seem enough
and times when you will wonder,
If the love we share will be strong enough
to guide us on our way
and love will soar up to the stars,
far beyond our Wedding Day.

Rest assured, I am yours.
I'm your knight in Shining armour
and be sure by my side,
of a Happy Ever After.
You're my dream, be my Queen
we will face it all together
for the moment we met,
we became…. Forever.

There's a hand on my shoulder that is keeping me strong
and I know that love has no end.
There's an angel above who has written our song.
With you by my side, pain will mend.
If you look to me and I look to you,
We will always find light through the dark.
You are my strength, my love and my friend.
You are my own Queen of Hearts.

Rest assured, I am yours, I'm your Knight in Shining armour
and be sure by my side, of a Happy Ever After.
You're my dream – be my Queen and we'll face it all together
for the moment we met, we became … Forever.

by Aidan Caine (c) 2011.

Kiss-Me-Kate-Prince-William-n-Kate-MiddletonAidan Caine (c) 2011

William and KateAidan Caine (c) 2011


Get Your Crown, You've Pulled (c) Aidan Caine 2011

I will be your April Bride, I'll see you at The Abbey
It's true you are the nation's Pride
and don't look all that shabby
If you wear your uniform, you'll make me swoon I swear
and oh your smile, it drives me wild
you know you take me there

Get Your Crown, You've Pulled Boy, Take me to your Throne
Get Your Crown, You've Pulled Boy, Get me all alone
Get Your Crown You've Pulled boy and never let us part
You're my King and know one thing, I'm Your Queen of Hearts

I may promise not to cry but, only time will tell
with you beside me in the aisle I know my heart will swell
You stand so tall and proper , I know I'm Safe right there
My heart, I'll gladly offer, so keep on to your hair

Get Your Crown, You've Pulled Boy, Take me to your Throne
Get Your Crown, You've Pulled Boy, Get me all alone
Get Your Crown You've Pulled boy and never let us part
You're my King and know one thing, I'm Your Queen of Hearts

Do You see the City ? Has it Ever been this pretty ?
It's as if Love's crept in and is sweeping everywhere. I don't think this day should end
Your My Love and My True Friend. It's so true
You are My prayer and a nation loves you too

Get Your Crown, You've Pulled Boy, Take me to your Throne
Get Your Crown, You've Pulled Boy, Get me all alone
Get Your Crown You've Pulled boy and never let us part
You're my King and know one thing, I'm Your Queen of Hearts

(c) Aidan Caine 2011


Aidan Caine (c) 2011


My dearest Son

I cant be with you, My dearest Son.
On your special day.
With your lovely one.
But think of me,which i know you Will.
And your life ahead you can fullfill.
With Happiness.
Best Wishes.
William and Kate.

From–Alice devita–xx


Once upon a time you Kate met your Prince William
You've shared much love and laughter
May your marriage be a fairy tale
Happy ever after

Jon Bratton c 2004

I love you so deeply,
I love you so much,
I love the sound of your voice,
and the way that we touch,
I love your warm smile,
and your kind, thoughtful way,
The joy that you bring,
to my life everyday,
I love you today,
as I have from the start,
And I'll love you forever,
with all of my heart.

Happy Wedding Day William and Kate


May you William and Kate cherish these moments
For all of your life
As you step out together
As man and wife.
May the vows that you've taken
Remain true and strong
As you start on life's highway
And journey along.


The Royal Wedding
by Erin Murphy aged 12

William and Kate are getting married.
The'll be arriving in a great golden carriage.
The Royal Family will all be there.
Supporting William, the next heir.

Everyone's looking to see the dress.
When Kate comes, pictures will be taken by the press.
I wonder who will wear the biggest hat.
No-one will care along as no-one is fat.

The best-man, Harry will be there.
He'll be wishing 'all the best' to the royal pair.
We hope the sun will shine,
And everyone will arrive on time.

The cake will be about five foot tall.
We just hope it won't fall.
Only some people got an invite the bride and groom did send
We wish them good luck, the end

-Erin Murphy aged 12-



William and Kate, have set the date,
They’ve chosen, as the day they will marry;
April 29, for the second in line
To the throne, (just in front of Harry ).

For years they’ve been together, and hope that the weather
Will be kind, on their chosen day;
Visitors will surely clamour, for the pomp and glamour,
Even if the skies are cloudy and grey.

It’s a sure-fire bet, that William’s only regret,
Is that his mother will not be there;
She would be so proud, (perhaps hover above the crowd),
As the moment, they’ll grandly share.

The multitudes will sing, for their future King,
And the Lady, who will be his wife;
May the love they will share, produce a future heir,
To continue their work, later on through their life.

-by Jim Bell from Chatham Kent-


Hi, I feel Princess Diana would have been very proud of Prince William and comforted in the knowledge he now has his Princess. Here is my Poem , suggesting Diana was watching.

'Diana's Eyes' (c) Aidan Caine 2011

When April Sun shone down
and kissed dear London Town
and when Our Pride returned,
the crowds couldn't spoil the view to, Diana's eyes.

The Soldier standing tall,
had gained the love of all
and filled all hearts with Pride,
it's certain that the magic reached Diana's eyes.

Real Love has no end, no final curtain call
and what is meant to be is surely blessed by all.
Your love, it reaches stars so very far away.
Though she wasn't near, a Princess smiled today.

As the Sun went down over London Town and stars lit up the sky,
A kiss began it's journey to, Diana's eyes.

When sleep decides to come, when two have become one and welcome in the night,
know that Love has reached, Diana's eyes.

She knows the love you've found will keep you on the ground yet,
let your heart take flight. The love you have has pleased, Diana's eyes.

Real Love has no end, no final curtain call
and what is meant to be is surely blessed by all.
Your love it reaches stars, so very far away.
Though she wasn't near, a Princess smiled today



Since announcing her marriage plans to William,
The future Heir to the English throne,
Catherine has started a World wide scramble,
And in London, an international village has grown.

Every country represented by radio, TV and press,
Top reporters; the best in their class,
Delving to extremities, of the Royal couple’s lives,
Revealing, and scrutinizing every detail, in their past.

Cables and satellite dishes, sprouting from vans,
Microphones at every conceivable junction;
All aimed at missing, not one single moment,
During 29th April’s Royal Matrimonial function.

Weeks before the big day arrived,
Entire streets were decked in red, white and blue;
Flags and bunting festooned across the city’s roads,
That the procession would be passing through.

Mounted police were readied, to guard the route,
Horses prepared, to face a bustling, cheering crowd;
Servicemen, and bobbies in ceremonial dress,
Facing the eyes of the World:…and proud !

Tents were erected by anxious onlookers,
Days prior to the service taking place;
Prepared to camp out, in the April air,
Representing every Nationality, and every race.

Weather forecasts weren’t good…
Prospects of rain, from dark clouds;
Undeterred street parties arranged
To entertain neighbourhood crowds.

On the morn of the day, from a very early hour,
Thousands upon thousands gathered, jostling for a vantage view;
Prepared to endure the rigours of the day’s celebrations,
Determined to witness the processions pass through.

Spent her last night as a “commoner”, at The Goring Hotel,
Catherine Middleton dressed in the gown, the World still hadn’t seen;
No preview; hints or clues, had been leaked to the press,
But revealed as a design by Sarah Burton, for Alexander McQueen.

Westminster Abbey opened it’s doors, at 8.15
Ready to welcome it’s list of 1900 guests;
Each face and dress scrutinised, in minute detail,
By the cameras and reporters, of the waiting press.

Minor guests started queuing, to enter the North door,
Best frocks and suits, on friends and acquaintances;
Directed by ushers, to designated seats,
Mingling with a list, of invited celebrities.

Kate’s family left their hotel at Nine o’clock,
Transported, in a mini-bus fleet;
Direct to the Abbey, where the marriage takes place,
And proudly claimed their seats.

Reporters described the fashions, worn by female guests,
The colours; the designers, the style;
And still the seats were filling up,
More arriving all the while.

The minutes passed, and foreign dignitaries arrived,
And invited, visiting Heads of State.
From countries, spread across the globe,
To witness the marriage, of William and Kate.

Military bands paraded, in front of the masses,
Instruments gleaming, in the subdued sun;
In front of the Palace;…along The Mall,
Where the processions would soon be run.

Cameras scanning the meandering queue, at the Abbey,
Highlighted David Beckham, and his wife, Victoria;
Elegantly dressed, as befitting a day like today,
Soaking up the atmosphere, and crowds euphoria.

Fleets of Rolls Royces, and sleek limousines
Flowed constantly, through the restricted roads;
Authorised badges displayed in their windscreens,
To transport their charges, and dignified loads.

As the second ticked past, the fever was mounting,
Excitement of multitudes, prominent in red, white and blue;
All anxious to catch a glimpse, of the future King and Queen,
And the current, reigning Monarch, too.

Flags draped around shoulders,…more waved on sticks,
Glasses of champagne sipped, and raised as a toast;
Generations from now, they can tell their story,
“I was there on the day” they can boast.

The Prime Minister arrived with his wife, soon after ten,
Greeted at the door, by Westminster’s Dean;
To take his place, amongst the distinguished guests
Amid the Royal wedding scene.

Some seats arranged inside, were facing the aisle,
So the arriving Bride and entourage could be clearly seen,
Soon after the arrival of the senior Royals,
Led by Charles and Camilla, Prince Philip and the Queen.

At Clarence House, Prince William was preparing himself,
With best man Harry, – Prince Henry Of Wales;
Leaving precisely at 10.15
To meet the congregation of dignitaries, and pals.

Wearing the distinctive, red dress uniform, of The Irish Guards,
A blue sash, and Knight of The Garter on show,
They entered their Rolls Royce, with badge on the roof,
For the short distance, they had to go.

Flanked by police motorcycles, the outriders guided
The royal car through Horse Guards Parade;
Into Whitehall, past The Cenotaph, towards the Abbey,
William’s white-gloved hand, returned the crowds waves.

As they arrived at the West door, the bells were peeling,
Walking the red carpet, they were met by The Dean;
Harry, in his Blues and Royals uniform, with lots of gold braid,
Looked the proudest, he’d ever been.

They chatted a short time, then strolled down the aisle,
Talking to guests, and familiar faces;
Shook hands with acquaintances, nodded to others,
Before taking a seat, in their places.

A black Jaguar pulled up, at The Goring Hotel,
Carol Middleton got in, the bride’s mother;
And was joined in the back, by a well tailored man,
It was James, Kate Middleton’s brother.

Mum wore a suit, with matching hat,
The colour was a very pale blue;
Leaving the car at the Abbey, to walk the red carpet,
There were not many faces, she knew.

From the gates of the Palace, four mini-buses appeared,
To collect “minor Royals”, they were sent;
At 10.30 fully loaded, they made their journey
With various Princes, Princesses, and Duke and Duchess of Kent.

Following behind came a Rolls Royce, with Royal crest,
Containing Beatrice, Eugenie and their father, the Duke of York;
Waving, as they entered the Abbey’s West door,
They made their way along the carpeted walk.

The Groom’s father came next; – The Prince of Wales,
The Duchess of Cornwall at his side;
Resplendent, in Royal Navy uniform
They drove through the clamouring tide.

At 10.40 came the Queen, our reigning Monarch,
Wearing a very bright yellow, suit and hat,
In a car bearing her crest, and Royal flag,
The Duke of Edinburgh with her, in the back.

He wore a red tunic, with medals and sashes,
And they took salutes, as they exited their limousine;
Trumpeters of The Household Cavalry, played a fanfare,
From their balcony position,somewhere, unseen.

Two Daimlers arrived, to collect the Bridesmaids;
The Maid of Honour shepherded out four;
Kate’s sister, Pippa, took charge of them, and two page-boys,
In the red military dress suits, they wore.

Crowds were raising their noise, outside the hotel,
It was the Bride they all wanted to see best;
Waiting for a sight of the secrets surrounding
The style chosen, for her wedding dress.

Then…a fleeting glimpse of an ivory dress and veil
As Catherine quickly took her seat, in the rear;
Dad, Michael bundled her train, into the car,
And fought to hold back his tears.

She looked radiant, and breathtaking;- a beautiful Bride,
Her beaming smile, shone through the polished glass;
Clutching her bouquet, of little white flowers,
She would soon join the Royal Class.

As she left her ride at Westminster Abbey,
Bells rang out, as eleven o’clock chimed;
She took her father’s hand, and almost, as if on cue,
From behind overcast clouds, the sun shined.

Pippa took her train, as she climbed the steps,
She wore a tiara, and her veil on her hair;
Her dress had lace on shoulders and arms,
Held her father’s arm, at the top of the stairs.

The train was arranged, in a well-rehearsed arc,
Against the red carpet, it was a vivid contrast;
The Groom and Best Man were led from St. Edmunds Chapel ,
As the seconds of bachelorhood, ticked past.

Music played as the Bride walked down the aisle
Followed by Pippa, holding the two small Bridesmaid’s hands;
Trailed by two slightly older, and the two page-boys,
Past the choir, as they jubilantly sang.

William couldn’t resist taking a glance at his Bride.
As they joined at the altar – the Bride to his left, nearest his heart;
The first hymn, “Guide Me,O Thou Great Redeemer” rang out,
The service was about to start.

The Dean of Westminster conducted the service,
Though Archbishop of Canterbury – Rowan Williams, took their vows of marriage;
“Who giveth this woman…?”he asked the congregation,
Michael Middleton gave Catherine’s hand, to the church.

William recited his vows, and held his Bride’s hand,
Catherine repeated hers, parted hands: the ring was blessed;
The Prince struggled to place the ring on her finger,
And said, “With this ring, I thee wed…”.

As the couple kneeled, they said “Let us pray”,
Then came that moment of wonder…
“Those that God has put together,
Let no man, put asunder.”

Still kneeling, the couple side by side…
William’s shoes displayed their soles of leather;
When they heard the words, to seal their day,
“I pronounce they be man and wife together.”

For the second hymn they stood, and moved to one side,
“Love Divine, All Loves Excelling”.
Catherine’s mother and father, in the front row,
In their eyes, the tears were welling.

Brother James read a lesson, from Romans: Chapter 12,
He was confident; his voice clear and distinct; on fire !
Followed by “This is the day that the Lord hath made”
Sung by angelic, stubble-free, cherub faces in the choir.

As the singing continued, the couple attended High Altar,
Kneeled, for the reading of prayers again;
“The Lords Prayer” was recited by all,
followed by William Blake’s rousing “Jerusalem.”

The couple stood, to receive the Blessing;
Trumpeters signalled the National Anthem, “God Save The Queen”;
Pippa returned the Bride’s bouquet, and gathered her train,
As they moved right of the altar, beyond a screen.

They signed the registers, witnessed by parents,
Who then returned to their seats again;
As the choir and orchestra entertained
By singing “Blest Pair Of Sirens”.

The Dean and the Clergy’s work was done,
In a procession, made their way to the Great West door;
Trumpeters from the RAF played a fanfare,
The couple appeared: made their way to where they stood before.

They bowed, and curtsied to the Queen,
Made their way, gracefully down the aisle,
To shake hands, and thank the clergy,
Who had waited there, for a short while.

As the orchestra played, the Maid of Honour
And two eldest Bridesmaids, followed the Bride and Groom;
Along with the two small Page-boys,
They exited this gigantic room.

The Abbey doors were open, sunlight streamed in,
From the top step, they faced the crowd;
Beaming faces on both, the Bride and Groom,
As the public roared approval, deafeningly loud.

They paused on the steps, and the bells were ringing,
Flags waved; confetti shot through the air;
Made their way between a guard of honour,
Sun glinted on the tiara,in her hair.

Waiting their departure, as Prince and Princess
Was a 1902 State Landau carriage;
Four Windsor grey horses, with polished brasses,
To take them to the palace, after their marriage.

The Household Cavalry, with shining breast plates, and plumes
Escorted the newly-wed’s carriage, along it’s way;
Followed by other coaches and carriages, bearing Royalty,
After a very tiring day.

Bands played, at various intervals,
Along the entire, procession route;
And it was at specially selected locations,
William was seen to return a salute.

As their carriage passed through the palace gates,
The Royal Standard flying high, in the wind,
William, then Harry, saluted the flag
And probably thought “Let the party begin !”

They drove through the arch, to the quadrangle,
The inner-sanctions of the palace household;
Joined by Bridesmaids, Page-boys and others,
They climbed the steps, to enter the fold.

Outside, the crowd’s noise had got louder,
As bands and troops marched along The Mall;
Towards the palace, with it’s balcony decked in crimson and gold,
Scalloped, like the edge of a shell.

The Queen Victoria memorial looked stunning,
It’s gold features reflecting rays of Spring sun;
As police cordons slowly allowed crowds, from afar
To move closer, to join in the fun.

In Hyde Park, gathered thousands, in party mood,
Not a blade of grass could be seen;
A carpet of people, in red, white and blue
Replaced the usual acres of green.

The bells at Westminster Abbey, still rang out,
They would do so, for a full three hours;
What a day ! They echoed across London,
And there hadn’t been the promised showers.

As the police cordon neared the memorial,
Well-wishers swarmed the palace, from every side;
Flags and cameras, and fancy dress…
Painted young faces, carried on shoulders…very tired.

All the women interviewed, said there’s only one thing
They certainly didn’t want to miss;
That was the moment that William and Kate,
Had their Royal balcony kiss.

The long glass doors to the balcony opened,
The Prince and Princess appeared, as man and wife;
Followed by supporters, and family, along with the Queen,
To prepare for their married life.

Photo-lenses on cameras, all aimed at one place,
Surely they couldn’t all be wrong …
Would they get the picture they all wanted ?
Would they be kept waiting for long ?

Then,…the moment the World had waited for,
The Prince leaned towards his Bride, for that special kiss;
The picture that will be on all tomorrow’s papers,
The one that nobody wanted to miss.

Amid the uproar of the masses, outside in the street,
Came a rumble, that shook window panes;
Overhead, flew a Lancaster bomber,
With a Spitfire, and a Hurricane.

A Typhoon followed, with Tornado GR4’s,
An arial salute, to the Royal Prince and Princess;
As folk danced in the fountains, outside the palace,
All agreed, the day was a fantastic, success.

The title granted to the couple, by the Queen,
An honour, bestowed on, but a few;
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,
A title, everyone will have to learn, anew.

We all hope they have a long, happy life,
Her days will certainly differ, to before;
From a “Commoner”to a Princess, all in one day…
Could a girl ask for anything more ?
Jim Bell