Grandchildren Poems

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Finding it hard to put into words
Just how much I love you
Just how much I care
This little poem I am trying to write
So that we can forever share
All this love we hold so dear
Loving you with all of my might
The words are now so very clear

How many tiny grains of sand
Does it take to make a desert land
How many teardrops does it take
To make an ocean or even a lake
How many stars are there in the sky
Which reaches up so very high
To count them no one ever could
Far to many to even try

All these things just go to show
Just how dearly I love you so
Being your Gran is a wonderful thing
Look at all the love it brings
These verses I hope you will always keep
Locked in your heart ever so deep
Looking back you will always remember
Your Gran who loves you for ever and ever

Written by a devoted Gran – Edna Stobbs
to her grandchildren


It's nice to send this Birthday wish
and tell you that it's true,
Grandson, you are so special
and you're loved a whole lot too,
So have a happy birthday
and hope you find it brings,
Everything you could wish for
and the best of everything.

With Love, Grandson,
On Your Birthday