For my Wife on her Birthday

Birthday wishes for my wonderful wife.

Thank you for the memories
and all the lovely ways,
you have of bringing special joy
to ordinary days.

The love this greeting brings you
is as special as can be,
thinking of the many ways
you’ve shown you care for me,

And then I’m also hoping
as you read this message through,
you’ll know the happiness
I feel with every thought of you.

I think of you so much
each day throughout the year,
but still I’d like to take this chance,
because your birthday’s here,

to put these thoughts into words
and make sure that you know,
how much I need you in my life
and how I love you so.

Because of you life is happier,
richer, more meaningful,
pleasures are doubled
and joys intensified
because I have you
to share them with

Because of you and your love
I am a better person
at peace with myself
and the world