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Christening Day

This message brings the fondest love and best wishes your way for the Christening of your Son / Daughter on this very special day It’s really hoped that you’ll enjoy a happy celebration for today God will be welcoming a brand new generation Wishing your a Wonderful Christening Day

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Christening Day Girl

On the Christening of your Daughter As your little girl is Christened this brings a wish her way For lots of love and happiness to fill her special day And as you celebrate with family and friends Hope the joy you feel is the kind that never ends. Congratulations

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Christening Day Boy

To a Special Baby Boy on your Christening Day This brings lots of wishes especially your way To celebrate your happy christening Day And as today is special the wishes that this sends Are for a day filled with happiness until the very end This comes to hope you and your family too, All enjoy […]

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A brand new baby , we all made such a fuss
After all he / she's one of us
At his / her birth we wet his / her head
The next day we were all confined to bed

O Lord, thank you for blessing us with our Son / Daughter
His / Her unconditional love melts our hearts,
His / Her smiles enlighten our darkest days
His / Her tiny hands will hold all of our hearts forever.

Children are a gift from the Lord, a child is a reward from Him. (Psalm 127:3)

First came love
Then came marriage
Then came (name)
In a baby carriage
Now's the time
To make it all complete
And to hold the Christening
Of this child so sweet

This card is sent to express to you
How much your loved today
the day your welcomed into the church
On this your Christening Day.

Accept this card from us to you
It's filled with love today
We wish you fun and enjoyment
On this your Christening Day