Birthday Verses for Son

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A Son is adventure
And action and wonder,
Excitement and joy all in one,
A heartwarming mixture
Of mishief and kindness –
He's everything special and fun.
A son helps remind you
How lucky you are
Each time you are warmed
By his smile-
And when he's as fine
And as special as you,
He's someone to love
All the while!


There's only so much
Words can say,
And for that reason, Son,
You'll never know
How dear you are,
How loved by everyone.
But hope you'll read
Between the lines –
Between these wishes too –
And know the love
They bring, Son,
For your birthday and for you!

Happy Birthday – Love and Happiness Always


When it comes to sons
There's lots of them about
But you're the very very best
Of that, there is no doubt


Happy Birthday To A Son
Who couldn't be loved more.
You are loved for:

The little boy you were,
The special man you are now,
And the precious son you will always be


With Love Son on your birthday

You just couldn't be more
warmhearted and giving,
or add more enjoyment
and fun to living.

With these few words it's hard to convey
how much you are thought of with each
passing day.