Birthday Verses for Husband

Birthday Verses for Husband for your handmade greeting cards.

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Birthday Verses for Husband 1

A loving Birthday Message for my Husband

If I could write down
everything I Love about you,
the list would be never ending…

…and if I could tell you,
I’d probably run out of words

You’re the sunshine in my days,
the reason for my smile

and whenever I’m close to you,
you’re the love I feel in my heart.

You’re my happiness and joy
and the one who makesmy World
such a Wonderful place to be.

I Love you more than you’ll ever know
and I just want to tell you
that I’m so very pleased to be your Wife.

Sending you Birthday Wishes
With all my Love
For a Wonderful Day!!

Birthday Verses for Husband 2

For my Husband

If we had never met,
I don’t know
what I’d do

Who would I be
my true, silly self with?

Who would share
my innermost thoughts?

Who would know
just the right thing to say
to make me smile?

Who would be
all you are to me – My Husband
my very best friend

Happy Birthday you mean everything to me.

Birthday Verses for Husband 3

Although I may not often say
I hope you somehow know
You’re a thoughtful, loving Husband
and that’s why I love you so!!

Happy Birthday Husband

Birthday Verses for Husband 4

For My Husband

For all the times you reached back to hold my hand,
let me have the last bite of cake,
told me I looked beautiful first thing in the morning,
Sat with me through the film I wanted to see
listened atiently to the details of my hectic day,
and for all the happiness that you bring to my world.

Birthday Verses for Husband 5

To my Husband my forever friend
you know I Love you with all my heart,
but on your birthday
I find myself wanting to tell you
you're not only my husband
you're my very best friend.

Every experience we share
brings us closer together,
and reminds me
how truly wonderful you are

And how very much
you mean to me.

Happy Birthday
Love Always

Birthday Verses for Husband 6

To my wonderful Husband

On your birthday I just wanted to tell you
that you're the best thing that has ever happened to me
and I love you more and more every day