Birthday Poems

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Birthday Poems 1

Happy Birthday, (brother, sister, mother, father etc)
And throughout the year
May its joy and pleasure
Give you special cheer;
There are many wishes
that could be sent to you,
But this one, though simple,
brings loving greetings, too.

Birthday Poems 2

Happy Birthday to a friend
Who deserves the very best
Of all the special things in life
That make it happiest!
Have a Wonderful Birthday!

Birthday Poems 3

To wish you every happy thing
That makes a Birthday glad,
So that you’ll feel, with all your heart,
It’s been the best you’ve had!

Birthday Poems 4

Your Birthday is a special day
That I have set apart
From all other days, because
It’s closest to my heart!
Happy Birthday!

Birthday Poems 5

This greeting brings my love
To wish you Birthday Cheer,
And greater, truer hapiness
Increasing year by year!

Birthday Poems 6

To wish you a Birthday
That's happy and Bright,
Just full of enjoyment
From morning till night,
That each passing hour
Will help in some way
To make it a very wonderful day.

Birthday Poems 7

Hope lovely surprises
Are coming your way,
To make your
Birthday a
Wonderful day.

Happy Birthday

Birthday Poems 8

You're always very special
And you should know today
That you are wished the nicest things
That life can bring your way

Like warm and loving wishes
And happiness and cheer
And everything you need to start
Another happy year.

Birthday Poems 9

Making a wish especially for you
And hoping sincerely it
really comes true;
Have a wonderful
Birthday and after it's done
May the year that's ahead
be a wonderful one!

Birthday Poems 10

No Birthday card,
Holds more love than this
'Cause it's mailed with a Hug
And it's sealed with a Kiss!

Birthday Poems 11

Happy Birthday
You are very special
And you deserve the best
I wish you a wonderful life
Filled with love and happiness

Birthday Poems 12

Just anyone can have Birthdays
But someone who's nice as you
Deserves the very happiest things
And favourite pleasures, too
That's why I wish you just the kind
Of wonderful day that's in my Mind

Birthday Poems 13

I'd like to be the very first
To greet you in this way,
To send you countless wishes
On this most important day,
A day of overwhelming joy
In everything you do,
For you deserve the nicest things
The world could offer you

Birthday Poems 14

For someone rather special,
A Birthday means so much,
So may this very special day
Possess that certain touch
Of all that's best and brightest
In so many different ways,
And add its extra gladness
To the nicest of your days.

Birthday Poems 15

Showers of Good Luck on your Birthday
You will have a Happy Birthday
I'm very sure of that,
For here's a lucky greeting
With horseshoes and black cat;
May these lucky mascots
Keep you very well supplied
With all the joy and gladness
That Good Fortune can provide!