Birthday Poems for Brother

Birthday Poems for Brother for your handmade greeting cards.
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Birthday Poems for Brother 1

Dear Brother
It's more than "Hapy Birthday"
This message wishes you –
It brings a wish for pleasure
For now and always, too,
And for good health and fortune,
Good friends to keep you glad,
And make each year before you
The best you've ever had!

Birthday Poems for Brother 2

May you find lots of pleasure
In the joys your Birthday brings
And contentment in a future
Overflowing with good things.

Birthday Poems for Brother 3

Here's hoping that your Birthday
Will be lovely, all day through
One that will bring new pleasures
And the things you like to do
And every happiness wished for you
Is such a special kind
Because you well deserve the best
It's possible to find!
Happy Birthday Borther.

Birthday Poems for Brother 4

To a very dear BROTHER
These greetings are sent
And the wishes they bring
Are each lovingly meant,
For good luck and pleasure
In all that you do
And more Birthday gladness
Than you ever knew.

Birthday Poems for Brother 5

With a wish that your birthday
Is realy "first-rate"
And the year that's ahead
Will turn out to be great.

Birthday Poems for Brother 6

To a special Brother on your Birthday

You're thought of with affection
now your special day is here
Though Thoughts of you are full of warmth
Each day throughout the year

For when it comes to Brothers
you are the special kind
and every word inside this card
Is wished with you in mind.

So when you read this birthday card
that'sbeing sent your way
may it just remind you
that you're special every day.

Birthday Poems for Brother 7

Happy Birthday Brother
You're someone who means a lot
and always will
And because you're
thought so much of, you deserve
the very best things in life.

You're such a dear brother
so this comes with the best of wishes
for a Birthday filled with happiness
and a very special year ahead.