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For a very special Grandson on your 30th Birthday.

Growing nicer year by year
is just what grandsons do,
And no one does it better
or is loved as much as you.
And so with pride and lots of love
birthday wishes are on their way,
For all that makes you happy
on this your very special 30th Birthday
With Love….


30 Today

Calm down, no need to panic
Being 30's not too bad
It's not as if you're ancient
So it shouldn't drive you mad.

In many ways you're actually
Considered in your prime
So if you want to live it up
Well now's a damn good time

So celebrate your 30th
Whoop it up and do the conga
You can party all night long..
…But maybe not
for too much lomger!!

Happy 30th Birthday


May you have a 30th Birthday
that's really really great..
..because it is your special day
and time to celebrate


Congratulations on your 30th Birthday
Have a fantastic day

Today's a very special day
A wonderful occasion
you are turning thirty
So let's have a celebration

Happy 30th Birthday


Son, you're one in a million!
Son, just had to let you know
how really great you are
there's never been a better time
to tel you, you're a star!

And there's nothing more important
now this special day is here
than to wish you happy 30th Birthday
hope you have a brilliant year!

Happy 30th Birthday!!