2nd Birthday Poems

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At Telly Tubby house there is such fun,
Now that your Birthday has begun,
And wishes wing their way to you,
With love to make them all come true,
Be happy and glad my sweet,
The age of Two will be a treat!
Happy 2nd Birthday!

A big steam train with lots of toys!
A teddy bear! A big red drum!
All wishing you best birthday joys!
And lots of Love from dad and mum

Toy Town bus has stopped for you!
“One more seat inside”
Birthday Wishes! Greetings Too!
Come and join the ride.
Happy 2nd Birthday!

This little card I send you
To wish you lots of fun.
A Birthday bringing laughter
A really jolly one,
Full of pleasures grand and gay
Because you’re Two Years old Today

Hi Diddle Diddle, now you are Two and your Birthday has just begun,
No wonder the cow jumps over the moon
And the little dog laughs at the fun.
The spoon and the dish bring a very glad wish,
For frolic and fun all the day,
And they hope you'll have many more Birthdays like this,
Before they start running away

This little card i'm sending
With lots of love to you,
So Happy Birthday little boy(girl)
For today you're Two.