21st Birthday Verses

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So now you're Twenty One years old
And here's a line to say
How many happy joys are wished
For you upon this day
And just another word or so
About the future too
And may it prove in every way
Quite wonderful for you!


Here's hoping that your Twenty First
Brings every happiness
Together with the promise
Of good fortune and success!


Your 21st BIRTHDAY!
Your coming of age!
In life's golden book
An exciting new Page.
Such wonderous joys
May it bring into view –
The best life can hold,
May they all be for YOU.

You're 21, and now it's time
To wish you lots of things,
So firstly there's the happiness
A Birthday always brings,
Then naturally there's lots of luck
And deep contentment, too,
And lastly all the joy you'll know
As well-laid plans come true!


Just a simple greeting
To wish for you to-day
The best of luck in everything-
A happy future way
When all you're planning will succeed
And all you hope to do
Will be achieved completely
In record time for you.
Happy 21st Birthday!