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21st Birthday Poems - Verses & Poems for Cards

21st Birthday Poems

21st Birthday Poems Verses Quotes, Messages, Sayings, greeting for your handmade greeting cards.

You are free to use any of the 21st Birthday Poems, Verses, sayings, greeting
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Not Just another Birthday,
But quite a grand event,
And here, to greet you, Twenty-One,
These wishes are now sent..

May happiness go with you,
May all your hopes come true,
And in the most delightful ways
May life be good to you!
Happy 21st!!


Very best wishes
on your 21st Birthday
May the future brinf you success
and Happiness!


A Twenty First Birthday!
A special one, too!
Because the good wishes
Are coming to YOU!
Good luck, happy future,
With joys in their prime
To keep life attractive
And bright all the time.


Here's hoping that your Twenty First
Brings all you're hoping for
So that you will feel so happy
You just couldn't wish for more!


Today you will be TWENTY ONE,
Sincere Congratulations
May happiness, good friends and fun
Make up your celebrations;
And may the very best of luck
Be yours in all you do,
In a year of joy and gladness
With hopes and dreams come true!