18th Birthday Poems

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Raising a glass
And making a toast
Wishing joy and health to you'
And hoping that your Birthday
Will be happy all day through.

Happy 18th Birthday!

For your 18th Birthday
How does a brand new Porsche sound?


You've reached your 18th Birthday
And now it's time to think
Of plucking up your courage
And tasting your first drink
It might seem quite unpleasant
And rather strange at first
But soon you'll find that drinking
Has nowt to do with thirst
And when you've made the breakthrough
you'll probably discover
The side effects are wonderful
And you will want another
So get your bevvy ordered
It's glasses raised and "Cheers"
And now, at last, you can admit
You've been doing it For Years!!
by Oswald

Just saying congratulations
And the best of wishes, too,
For no one else in all the world
Deserves it more than you
Happy 18th Birthday

Congratulations and Happy Birthday
Whatever you may choose to do,
Hope your 18th Birthday is happy for you!