Anniversay Verses

Anniversary verses for handmade anniversary cards, you are free to use any of theses anniversary verses for your own personal use.

We hope you find something suitable.


Another Special Anniversary

Another special anniversary
for you and I to share,
Another chance, dear Husband (Wife)
to say how much I care,
And as another year goes by
it's so very plain to see,
I want to tell you every day,
I'm glad you married me.

With All My Love
On Our Anniversary

For a Wonderful Mum and Dad on your Wedding Anniversary

With love and thanks for being such wonderful parents..
..for giving and doing and understanding..
..but most of all, for always being so loving.
Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to Our Daughter and Son-in-Law

Wishing you happiness and love on your Special Day
A loving wish that's meant for two-
May all your future dreams come true..
And love be yours to have, to hold
as Happy days and years unfold.

Happy Wedding Anniversary – Happiness Always.

Anniversary verses for my Wonderful Wife.

This comes to say 'I Love You'
and that you'l always be,
The most important person
in all the world to me.

I'm going to love you forver
Not maybe
I know that it's true,
The moment I met you
I knew in my heart
I'd never love any but you..

Because I want to tell you
just how special you are to me,
Because my every thought
of you is as loving as can be..

Because my heart is filled
with things that words alone can't say,
This comes especially for you
with all my love today.

Anniversary Wishes With Love Now and Forever.

Anniversary Wishes for Both of You

Happy Anniversary to a very special pair,
This message comes to let you know
that people really care
That's why it's nice to have the chance
to wish you joy today
May happiness be with you
every step along then way-

You compliment each other
and your love is plain to see,
So it really is a pleasure
on your Anniversary-

To simply raise a toast to you
and your happy married life
And the wonderful years
you two have shared
as Husband and as Wife-

And as you look to the future,
here's hoping you will find
Still more love and happiness..
the true and lasting kind,
Because two people as special as you
deserve life's nicest things
And all the other blessings
that a happy marriage brings


Happy Memories – Anniversary verses

As you share your happy memories
on your anniversary day
you're wished the best
and thought of
in the very warmest way

1st Anniversary Verses

Have a Happy Anniversary
A day that's filled with fun
And remember the day
That you two became one!

You and I

Shadows dancing on the sand,
a man and women walk hand in hand.
They watch the moon dance in the sky,
then watch the stars twinkle in each other's eyes.

They hear the waves crash on the shore,
then, just silence… and nothing more.

The horizon, so beautiful,
The breeze, so shy,
as the new day ascends into the sky.

The only people who matter,
Are you and are I.

by Carla Marie Adair

Happy First Wedding Anniversary verses

Wishing you the very best,
A wonderful day and all the rest
Good health, good cheer, good luck, good friends,
And happiness that never ends!
Drink some bubbly to quench your thirst
Congrats on reaching Paper, your first

Husband and Wife

Love brought you together
As husband and wife
And gave each of you
A best friend for life
Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Unconditional Love

My love is unconditional,
so unlike the setting sun,
because my heart will shine forever,
for me, you'll always be the one.

Anniversary Verses

There are few who are so lucky
To have the things you do,
Companionship and friendship,
And loving feelings, too.

As friends we wish these pleasures
Will last forevermore,
For we know that you will ever be
A couple whom we adore.

By Karl Fuchs

To the Both of You

Happy anniversary to you both;
Have a bright and happy day.
Your marriage sets an example;
It shines in every way.

Through time your bond is strong;
It lasts through sun and storm;
You’ll always have your love
To keep each other warm.

By Joanna Fuchs

Love is Strong

Your anniversary marks the day
When you both said "I do."
The two of you became as one,
A marriage bright and new.

Now time has passed; your love is strong;
You passed the early test.
Your tender bond grows with passing time;
Your marriage is the kind that’s best!

Words Can't Explain

Words can't explain how much I love you
words can't explain how much I care
and the only thing I can tell you
is that I will always be there

Meant to be

At times the days seemed so long,
I thought I'd never make it through,
Then suddenly, out of a dream,
I have met someone like you.

I had locked up all my feelings
and I'd thrown away the key,
Until your heart spoke a thousand words
I knew were meant to be.

Happy Anniversary verses to the both of you.

Because an anniversary
is shared by two
it's the perfect time
to tell you both
how special you are..

You are a wonderful couple who's
wished a special kind of happiness
on you anniversary and
every day throughout the year.

On your anniversary with love

The love that's shared
by both of you is so plain to see
it clearly shows how wonderful
and happy life can be

You're there for one another
whatever come along
you have the kind of love
that is wonderful and strong

And you deserve a day
that's as special as your love
filled with all the wonderful things
you've both been dreaming of

So as you celebrate this day
that's just reserved for you
may it bring you happiness
today and all year through

Happy Anniversary

Anniversary Mate

Remember how it all began,
it started out as one little date,
who knew this young pair,
would become each others mate

Husband and Wife

Love brought you together
As husband and wife
And gave each of you
A best friend for life

Happy Anniversary verses

(insert number) years have past,
Our love has grown stronger
who said it wouldn't last,
Since we have been
husband and wife,
Happiness has been
the main thing in my life.

Happy Anniversary My Love!!

Love is not Simple

Love is not as simple
as candlelight and roses,
Love is day-to-day living,
taking time, making time to be there,
with open arms and a giving heart…
Love is the special life we share.

On your anniversary verses

Thinking about you
on this special day
and sending some love
and affection your way..

..Then adding a wish
your anniversary brings
The nicest, the brightest,
and happiest things!

For a special couple on your Anniversary

Today is full of special thoughts of you both
and with each thought comes a wish
that you'll enjoy a wonderful anniversary

and many more years sharing all the love
and happiness you both deserve

Golden Anniversary Poem

May your Golden Anniversary
be a very special one,
As you relive the memories
of the happy things you've done,
And may you know that all the friends
you've made along the way,
Are wishing you much happiness
on your Golden Wedding Day

As You Celebrate
50 Years of Love

On Your Ruby Anniversary – Congratulations on 40 years together

For forty years the two of you
have proved your love is strong,
For you were meant to be together,
two hearts where they belong,
Celebrate this special day
doing the things that make you smile,
For you'll always have the kind of love
that makes life so worthwhile

Happy 40th Anniversary

Wedding Anniversay Years

1st  Wedding Anniversary  =  Paper
2nd Wedding Anniversary  =  Cotton
3rd Wedding Anniversary  =  Leather
4th Wedding Anniversary  =  Flowers
5th Wedding Anniversary  =  Wood
6th Wedding Anniversary  =  Iron
7th Wedding Anniversary  =  Wool
8th Wedding Anniversary  =  Bronze
9th Wedding Anniversary  =  Pottery
10th Wedding Anniversary  =  Tin
11th Wedding Anniversary  =  Steel
12th Wedding Anniversary  =  Silk
13th Wedding Anniversary  =  Lace
14th Wedding Anniversary  =  Ivory
15th Wedding Anniversary  =  Crystal
20th Wedding Anniversary  =  China
25th Wedding Anniversary  =  Silver
30th Wedding Anniversary  =  Pearl
35th Wedding Anniversary  =  Coral
40th Wedding Anniversary  =  Ruby
45th Wedding Anniversary  =  Sapphire
50th Wedding Anniversary  =  Gold
55th Wedding Anniversary  =  Emerald
60th Wedding Anniversary  =  Diamond